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ZIP-LAB: Making Online Games in Korea

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Dec 21, 2016 11:25:40 AM

The developers of COSMIC Online talked about production and monetization of their new HTML5 game.



We're HTML5 game developer and publisher based on Republic of Korea. We believe web browser's potentials so we consider it to be one of the biggest platforms in today's market. COSMIC Online is our first project, created with the help of HTML5, and we’re currently working on our next MMORPG.

As a child, I was a kid who was crazy about MMORPG. And I thought that I could make something similar. Fortunately, I had good colleagues, and together we developed a sci-fi game; Sci-fi is my favorite genre. Like Star Trek. That's basically how COSMIC Online was born.



The game was funded with the money I earned when I was in university. Plus the Korean government invested us a little. We also did crowdfunding, it was for promotional purposes than raising funds though. Overall, I wouldn't say we had a lot of money and people when we developed COSMIC Online. For example the images of the ships were done by subcontractors. Our funds were widely used there. I had to use a lot of money in that part to get a better design.


Local Market

South Korea is currently heavily focused on mobile. Unfortunately, the PC or console market is too expensive to enter for start-up studios. Browser-based games were very welcomed here, as they helped to create a niche for developers and gamers. I believe we have a huge chance to shine in this particular platform. By default, our game is free, but it has special items within it for sale. This is all done according to the classical Korean approach to game monetization.


Working with Xsolla


Simply put, the way Xsolla works is really cool. The company is proud to present some of the best services, that really help small businesses like ours. It's a phenomenal partner. The best thing about working with Xsolla is that we can save our efforts and get the best payment system support! We are working on strengthening our game, and we hope Xsolla will help us with that in the future.


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