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Beyond The Stars: Peculiarities of Card Games' Monetizing

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Oct 26, 2016 4:40:59 AM

Developers of Beyond The Stars from Taucraft talk about the game creation and monetizing their project.


Tell us a little bit about your company.


We are a software company headquartered in Cyprus. What we used to do was B2B project management, but we always wanted to try our hand in something different, making a video game. We gathered a team and started working. Game development is a very fascinating thing. It’s a chance to discover something new and a perfect way to show off your creativity skills.   

What is Beyond The Stars?


Beyond the Stars was our dream project. Card games - is the basis of the game design. We thought the best way to start was with the basics and card mechanics is a good fit.

All the team members already had experience in game development and our experience told us that we couldn't just make another WoW. Besides, the fantasy world is too extensive and requires a lot of content to create.

Finally we ended up with the idea of a collector card MMO in a space setting. Hearthstone’s success shows that there are still a lot of fans of cards games. This encouraged us to move in that direction.



What were the main difficulties developing such a game?


Technically there is nothing that can be that difficult. Modern browsers allow you to implement all the ideas easily, both on graphics and on the server side.

Creating MMO elements on a base of collector card game wasn’t a simple task. We wanted to involve players in massive events and completing quests. Ideally they should be playing as a whole team.



Now one of our main priorities is a balance. We actively gather statistics and case studies of users’ behavior. We test the game and look for successful tactics, which can be applied to a majority of game situations. Our goal is to adapt different cards to each quest and eliminate certain sets of cards that can lead to disbalance.


How were the visuals created?


It’s a card game so we really payed attention to the details. Beautifully designed cards can be an additional incentive to get them into your deck. This forced us to find a talented artist who loves and knows how to work with science fiction. Almost all the art in the game is the work of one person.



How did you integrate monetization?


The priority was to make a good game with a non-intrusive monetization system. Now we sell premium access which sped up pumping, but it doesn’t give a serious advantage. Soon there will be a store where you can buy branding things: clothing, ship hulls, characters’ tattoos. We are searching for the ideal monetization scheme, which will allow us to develop the game and not turn it into a game where there is a rule "who spent more is the winner". We believe that in close cooperation with our players, we’ll soon find a middle ground.



Why did you choose Xsolla as a partner?


For developers who don’t have the resources for integrating their own payment system, it is preferable to use a platform that provides maximum opportunities at the same time. With Xsolla we don’t think of the VAT and other subtleties. The integration is very fast and has an easy to use interface.

Where can we play Beyond the Stars?


Beyond the Stars is available directly from the browser. The period of wiping and alpha tests is over. We have several fascinating years ahead of game development! You can play from any computer or laptop with Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Play Beyond the Star right now!


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