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Battle Carnival: Official Global Release of a Heroic Korean Shooter

Posted by Polina Filyanina on Dec 2, 2016 6:35:24 AM

Gamenet company announced the launch of the new project Battle Carnival.

Tell us a little bit about your company. What projects did you release?



Gamenet has been a well-known publisher for a long time already. We’ve published popular games, such as Aika 2, Black Desert, Titan Siege, Combat Arms. We carefully choose the games to publish. For example, Black Desert - insanely beautiful, atmospheric, and an incredibly hardcore multiplayer RPG. We guarantee that built-in mini-games and a variety of mechanics will take your breath away! Now we are working on the launch of a modern rebellious shooter called Battle Carnival. Crazy heroes, real pile of trunks, "chips" for eSports, completely crazy dynamics of the game in the style of the beloved Quake! By the way, both games are available for free, which is also an important bonus for the entire gaming community of the CIS.


The Battle Carnival project looks absolutely gorgeous. Can you talk a little bit about this game?

The game was developed by Korean studio Zepetto, known in the CIS market for its shooter Point Blank. In the past years it has been ridiculously popular and received the status of an international eSports discipline. Now the studio is launching its second shooter. The game will be released in the CIS before the official global release. The game is much more dynamic than its predecessor and comes close to Quake, but it does not lose its tactical qualities of classic modes.



The players have to rush into battle as one of the "heroes". The quotes are used with a reason - we also call them "heroes, which we deserved," as they have very little in common with the heroes of Marvel or DC ... well, except Suicide Squad. Take a look at them: a maniac killer; a retired military man who is taking care of his family; teenage blogger; Australian geek; a double agent; a sheriff, who wants a revenge. The game features a huge arsenal of weapons based on real barrels and skins for every taste: camouflage, graffiti, decor elements, aggressive arts, etc.

From the "chips" of the game it is still worth mentioning modes "War Technology", where players, like in the old Quake, fight team against team with booster points across the map. "The Art of War" - is the classic " Undermining ", but with the ability to use some of the Heroes skills! This is not just a fresh look at the old play mode, it's a whole ocean of new tactical possibilities!


Why does this type of games attract users?

Battle Carnival, as Overwatch, takes as a basis the "heroic trend" when colorful characters are in the heart of each project. But Battle Carnival is still different - more humor, less complexity, and a striking design. Overwatch’s sales and popularity of Marvel's movies speak for themselves. Everyone likes imagining him or herself as a fearless and invincible superhero who defeats the enemy and saves the world. There is a child inside us who believes that goodness will certainly triumph over evil!



How did you adapt Battle Carnival for the Russian market? What did you change in gameplay, text and a graphic content?

Practically everything was localized! The voices of characters fit them perfectly. The gaming community was crazy about it and debated about every new clip from the recording studio, everybody tried guessing where they heard those voices before. The biographies of the heroes were localized.



How do you monetize Battle Carnival? What do you sell?

Camouflage, heroes’ skins, keychains that affect the experience and the amount of game currency earned ... well, we don’t sell anything that affects the balance. In the style of many modern Western companies.



How do you work with Xsolla? Could you tell us about your experience?

We use Xsolla’s billing services. Our players can refill their accounts using the company's services and gain GN coins for in-game purchases. Definitely a positive experience on our side, the company proved itself in the market as a whole and the player segment in particular. The e-commerce customer experience is also excellent!



When can I start playing Battle Carnival?

At the moment the game is at the stage of closed beta, so it’s not available without a special key. The key can be obtained through the referral program or by participating in lotteries on our social media pages. Phase of testing will begin approximately in December (probably in mid-December).


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