How to Turn a Profit from Microtransactions

Credit cards and their usage in mobile technology is an ever-evolving topic, which has revolutionized and shaped how users consume content. This is part 4 of a 12-part series discussing credit cards’ evolution in regards to their mobile usage and customer base, how people around the globe are utilizing them, and where they are going in the future. 

Microtransactions and how to make these little purchases add up.

Microtransactions and how to make these little purchases add up.

We’ve already discussed the advantages of in-game purchases truly being in-game to increase conversion rates and keep users engaged. Credit cards factor into this when they are linked up to a user’s account or third party payment system. With an active credit card on file and an effort to keep users in-game while they make purchases, let’s take a look at how you can profit from microtransactions.

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A Glance at Brazil’s Gaming Market

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving entity which is gaining traction with every innovative step technology takes to improve gameplay for gamers.


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Credit Cards and Geolocation

We’ve all heard how credit cards can be used to track people’s whereabouts, so we can naturally assume there are benefits to using them for gaming or other virtual payments. Many important pieces of information can be learned from one simple online purchase. And there are many methods of gaining this info from a transaction including: placing a user based on IP address, browser language, Bank Identification Number, or even their telephone number.


You can learn a lot from a little piece of plastic…

How can one transaction inform us about a user so well and what can it teach us, in regards to safety and information? Let’s discuss how each route informs the geolocation of a user separately. Each characteristic of geolocation identification can also serve differing functions ranging from fraud protection to customization.

The approach used also varies: we can be simply comparing payment details to geolocation information, or investigating into the reasons behind differences (if there are any). For example, when a player who has been paying for many years from the USA suddenly makes a payment from China, we immediately check what’s going on.

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Thailand Payment Market Overview

Thailand, an emerging market in regards to overseas gaming, is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia behind Indonesia and is seen as “one of the great development success stories” because of the fact that despite a low per-capita gross national income and HDI, the poverty line decreased from 65.26% to 13.15% between 1988 and 2011.


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PAX East 2014: Xsolla Story

We’ve just returned from a quick jaunt to the East Coast to hit up PAX East 2014 in Boston. Hosted at the downtown convention center April 11-13, this year’s PAX expo saw even more growth and expansion than ever before.


The welcome sign at PAX East 2014!


PAX East is the expanded East Coast branch of the Penny Arcade gaming show, complete with an exhibit hall, gaming stations and handheld lounges, concerts and panels. Everything from cutting edge gaming technologies to old-school tabletop roleplaying games are on display and in play. Examples of some of the panels offered include AppJunkies Live: The Worst Apps Ever Made!Indie Boardgames: Design and Crowdfunding, and the League of Legends YouTuber Panel. Notable concerts this year included Anamanaguchi, MC Frontalot and VGO.

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