Managing a Crowd-Funded Budget

A common reason for kickstarted projects failing after having a successful campaign has been running out of money. Many first time developers are turning to crowd-funding for their projects without understanding what really goes into making a game. 


Today’s post examines the incidentals and considerations that must be factored into your crowd-funding goals and can make a difference between success and failure.

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The Changed State of Subscriptions in Online Games

The last decade was popularized by MMOs thanks to the breakout success of World of Warcraft and the numerous titles all aimed at knocking it from the number one spot. And a major element of MMO design was the subscription based model of charging players both for the retail use and monthly access to the game.


Today’s market however paints a different picture with the majority of MMOs either cancelled or moved to a F2P format. This in turn has also meant a change in what a subscription option means either removing it out right or changing the benefits and is required reading for people working on either F2P or MMOs today.

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Gamescom 2014: Xsolla’s Recap

Gamescom has come and gone once again leaving both spectators as well as attendees thirsty for more information on the next wave of upcoming releases and connections.


The magic of Gamescom lies in the fact that no matter what you do or where you came from, everyone is there because of their love of games. This stretches across all 10 Halls including business focused indie developers, gamers there to watch the professional CS:GO ESL Tournament, as well as exhibitors such as Nintendo and Xbox providing invaluable experiences for gamers to test out their upcoming franchise titles.

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Making the Move from AAA to Mobile: Tips for Starting Out

The mobile market has become very popular thanks to the rise of casual gamers and the accessibility of smart phones. This in turn has given developers a new market to target besides the AAA. 


But switching to such a different market can be difficult. Recently Gordon Walton gave a presentation on the very subject at Casual Connect and we had a chance to ask him a few questions on the subject.

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Gamescom 2014: Croteam on developing The Talos Principle


Xsolla met with Damjan Mravunac from Croteam (developers of Serious Sam franchise) and talked about the new game The Talos Principle. Damjan acts as the chief marketing officer of the company and also as an established composer, who contributed music to various games including Ghost: Elisa Cameron, Serious Sam: BFE and Secrets of the Titanic 1912 – 2012. During our short interview at the Gamescom Indie Megabooth, we’ve mostly covered modern ways of game monetization, peculiarities of middleware and ways to build new games from old franchises.

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