Gamescom 2014: Croteam on developing The Talos Principle


Xsolla met with Damjan Mravunac from Croteam (developers of Serious Sam franchise) and talked about the new game The Talos Principle. Damjan acts as the chief marketing officer of the company and also as an established composer, who contributed music to various games including Ghost: Elisa Cameron, Serious Sam: BFE and Secrets of the Titanic 1912 – 2012. During our short interview at the Gamescom Indie Megabooth, we’ve mostly covered modern ways of game monetization, peculiarities of middleware and ways to build new games from old franchises.

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Looking Back at Gamescom 2013

Gamescom is Europe’s biggest game industry convention, with attendance last year reaching over 340,000. Gamescom attracts the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and other major studios to Cologne, Germany every year. 



With Gamescom 2014 wraping up tomorrow, we’re looking back at some of the big news from last year with our thoughts and impressions coming soon.

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Thoughts on Expanding Your IP Overseas: ChinaJoy 2014’s Experience

Chinajoy is one of the biggest electronic expos in the world and the largest expo in China. As a leading game payment company, Xsolla was there and our director of business development: Aiman Seksembaeva sat down with one of our bloggers from China to talk about Xsolla’s strategy for the global market and involvement with the Chinese gaming scene.


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Selling Sales to the Game Industry

In light of our recent post examining the devaluing of the game market, it’s important to talk about the sales mentality that has swept across the Game Industry. Despite gloom and doom from major developers and publishers, sales have done several things to improve the industry. 


Sales in Gaming Industry

For today’s post, we’re going to examine why sales are important, who they really appeal to and why no matter what happens to the state of the industry, sales are here to stay.

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The Declining Retail Market and why Digital is Superior

Stardock,  one of the longest running PC developers recently put out their annual revenue report. In it, they discussed something that has been brewing for several years now: The Retail Market is dead. 


Digital distribution continues to grow and understanding the benefits and why retail is no longer a needed goal is a big deal for major developers.

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